Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Tomatoes and a Pooped Sunflower

Well that title should have gotten your attention

I am beaming with pride
Look what I made!
Tonight is caprese with my own
 home grown tomatoes, and basil.

So I'm out watering this morning and I see
a bit of green in one of the fountains and assuming it 
blew in there with all this horrible wind,
I bend over to pluck it out,
but it doesn't give?

So I pull a little harder and move a rock and the dang
thing has roots and is growing in there!
So a bird flew over the front gate after
 gorging at the feeder,
(I'm a good bird mama)
then it stopped in for a drink, AND 
pooped out a sunflower seed.

Ya just gotta be constantly amazed
and awed by nature.
Wherever you find it.

I was recently treated to lunch on 
two back to back days by two gal pals-
 what fun! Great food and lots of chat.

I do not go out often these days,
staying on budget if I can,
so it really was very special to me.
If I could retell the vast array
 of topics we covered you would not believe it.
Well maybe you would, as you probably have the 
same conversations with your lunch pals.

It's turned hot here finally.
Time for me to hibernate.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Bee Bubble Butt

This photo is from Twisted Sifter's Shirk Report
unfortunately no credit was available.
I've told you before how much I love this site,
and I loved this photo.

I feel this bee and I are kindred spirits.
Covered in life's goodness, we have
food to eat, shelter in our hives, a community of 
other bees to support us.

 we travel with an enormous bubble butt.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Blessed Are My Days

From the time I was very small I knew I wanted to be a mother.
Life happened and I ended up having Benjamin and Hannah later than
I thought I would. I was 33 with Benjamin and 38 with Hannah.

Our family made many sacrifices in order for me 
to stay home full time with my children.

Each child had 5 years of all day alone with Mom time.
I cherish every single one of those days.

My son and daughter are happy, strong, kind, productive adults,
who have never given us a moment of trouble.
Oh I've worried some, but found
 they always make the right choices.

Every visit, every phone call or text ends 
with I love you Mama
I love you Mom

and then
from me

I love you more

Blessed are my days.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


A fun visitor at the restaurant this morning.
That is what it has become, a bird diner.

I try to linger for awhile after
 I fill up the feeders and scatter seed
so they get used to me.
This guy got very close, no problem.

A robin came by after bathing in my backyard fountain
 and proceeded to fluff, primp and dry off. 
I got a video on my phone
but I'm having trouble getting it to transfer.
I'll put on IG when I figure it out.

Those who have followed awhile
 know I go crazy when I see a robin.
Robins scream home (PA) to me.
I want to believe this is the same guy or an offspring
that has visited me off and on over the years.
The longest living banded robin 
survived almost 14 years
so it is possible. 

Speaking of quail 
The insane dude is channeling QUAYLE

"We shouldn't have to be
burdened with all the technicalities
 that come up from time to time 
with shrewd, smart lawyers interpreting
 what the laws or what the constitution
 may or may not say."
Dan Quayle

Need a laugh among the madness? 

Friday, May 5, 2017


Something that strips 
healthcare coverage from millions to
 fund tax breaks for millionaires takes lives,
and is no cause for celebration.

Blood on their hands.


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Night Visitors

Two heads peeking out.

Every Night I am entertained
 by watching this group of geckos
hunt insects beneath my porch light.
I always hang a wooden sign or floral for them
to hide behind. This year I have counted four
at one time but there may be more under the foliage
or on the other side.

It is hard to get a shot through the blinds
- the slightest movement and they hide.

There is never a bug to be seen 
near the light. They are great hunters.
I know they retreat to a space inside my garage wall
which should bother me, 
but I never see them in the garage at all.
Once, years ago, a baby gecko was trapped 
right inside the garage door opening.
Fearing he would be crushed,
we tried scooting him outside 
with a small branch. He/she reared up on it's hind legs
and screamed. The kids and I freaked and 
no one has ever believed us that he made noise.
Tonight while trying to identify what type of gecko I have
( I couldn't) I did come across a quote
about a mediterranean house
gecko commonly found here, that said they do indeed 
squeal or bark when threatened.
I knew it!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Save Me

Annie having small sale here tomorrow.
I still have to be around.
Save Me

Huge Community sale so we're joining in.
I'll be hiding out in garage corner.
Annie says she'll handle it all...

but the money. lol

I have some tree tools, pole pruners, chain saw etc
(no longer have trees)
a small dresser and some linens.
Should be easy peasy for me,
especially since I'll be hiding in the corner 
studio in the garage.

right over here

AND it's going to be cool YAY
any locals who did not get email - we open at 7:30

Have a wonderful day

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I Have A Problem

I have a problem mom.
These guys are in my bed.
I can't stretch out.

"But you put them there turkey lurkey,
so don't give me the stink eye."

It seems that lately all I have talked about
is the garden and Howie,
but really that's all that's happening here.

I now have 4 varieties of tomatoes, zucchini, 
6 different peppers
and the herb list keeps growing.

Well, there is the reading.
I just finished 20 Ian Rankin "Rebus" novels.
That took me 2 weeks.
Now I'm reading 5 of his other books.
Then I'll be searching for another serial mystery writer.

Both the kiddos moved into new apartments
this week; from studios to one bedrooms.
Both apartments are darling
and I'm so happy for them, just wish
CA prices weren't so ridiculous.
Their rents for these wee spots are more than
what I would get if I rented my house!
Wish I could give them my house and move it there.

My greedy little birds have gone through a large
bag of birdseed in one week so I may have 
to do this every other week, due to cost.

As for the rest of the world..
I'm reminding you guys of the 
&%#$ it bucket

It's still there if you need to vent,
link above or upper right corner.
Your relatives, close buds won't know about it.
I have about 6 drafts on the orange menace
 topic that I never posted. Think I'll
take another look at em and drop one or two in the bucket.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Reading Not Allowed

I just said yesterday that he was such a good boy.
The book is on my lap.
So is Howie.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Howie Playing I Spy

Howie being such a good boy even though
the babies are right there.
They've gotten so big, soon I won't be 
able to tell them apart from adults.

Finished up the flagstone;
didn't get too particular with it,
just so long as it keeps my feet dry.

Added a blue bird feeder under the chaste tree,
it is THE social place to be. 
Unfortunately some pigeons
found it this afternoon. grrrrrrr 

My buddy Carole asked me today if I 
was happy with the yard and I paused 
and thought, you know I am.
It has been one of the 
best decisions I've made,
after the enclosed porch.

Going out each morning for breakfast
 and reading out there just before dusk
without one thought of
"oh I need to clean up the debris,
oh the trees need trimming,
oh what a mess!"

Annie is coming by in a minute to 
check it out. First visitor since completion.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Fledging Update

Update below

These two have been hanging near 
by my front gate for over a week.
We startle each other from time to time as they 
hide, and perhaps sleep,
 underneath my white banks roses and 
take flight as I open the gate.
Tonight they sat just a few feet away while I 
worked on repairing the slate walkway
that was crushed during the 
 backyard work. 

I went out to check on them
 just a moment ago and Mama
was feeding them. I tried to get a shot but Howie 
tripped me up trying to see.
I was surprised she was feeding on the ground?
Perhaps in our horrible winds their nest 
came down?
I watched from inside 45 minutes
 but she hasn't returned
and I've got stuff to do.

I'm sitting right next to 
the flowers, that close to the babies.
The slate repair in progress;
messy looking but those lantana nearly cover it 
all summer and fall anyway.
The lantana were run over by 
machines so they are a bit behind.

Anyway cute as can be.


So I have since learned that
the parents kick the babies
 out of the nest at around 2 weeks 
but continue feeding on the ground.
Since I noticed these guys about a week ago,
I'm guessing they are 3-4 weeks old.

Here they are this morning under my chaste tree
waiting for breakfast? I hide behind the gate
when I take the photos so as not to scare off
a parent. Don't know why I'm worrying.
I'm sure this is a natural occurrence
around here, I've just never
 caught it before in 24 years, though I hear
grown doves and see babies, just never like this.
A dove has been cooing out there for awhile
but no activity otherwise.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Get That Woman Out Of The Garden!

Some boring stuff to you folks who have easy gardens, 
but it is hard here, or at least harder.
Growing up I had gardens with my dad
 and they were so easy and 
abundant that we resorted to leaving zucchini
on doorsteps.

My first pepper is growing but so far he's a loner,
because the plant was attacked by a varmit.

Then I spied these two babies
and I think maybe I squealed when I saw them.

and of course another picture of...
can you guess?

Spring flowers

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Good Orange

 Howie and I were enjoying our
morning ritual today under the pergola 
and I look over to my right.
(forgot to show this part yesterday)
This is the walkway behind the 
enclosed porch and the open porch,
 and follows around
to the south side of house.
I spied some orange!
The good kind, not the menace. 

These were not open yesterday.
 I'm over the moon.
I never thought it would work
 so I planted a bunch in too small of space
 assuming maybe one would live.
So I'll either have to train up or replant.
It's as if my green thumb 
long dormant has returned. I have tomato plants
and 1 green pepper.
(that project may be a failure)
Anyhoot I am so happy.

I have a half dozen of these guys 
that travel back and forth along the wall.
They sleep and hide behind my birdhouses.
Howie sees one and dead stops
as if he's a real pointer spaniel.
He watched us all through my coffee and juice.

My project list is growing.
I'm energized by the near completion
of yard, still want to paint the 
dog run fence and I may paint the front
 of the gate into the yard 
to match my front door. I think 
the pop of color will be good.
 I'll get some more posies and
24 bulbs coming soon. 

6 colors - 4 of each
They are a shorter variety
and will front all the beds
 on the side and partial back.
I also bought a fig tree
which everyone says 
won't make it, but I'm determined.

Mine will be in a pot
so that it can be moved to help it survive... hope

I have to paint re-touch bathroom,
 and kitchen cabinets, re-paint garage floor
and as always still purging down.
Got my taxes done yesterday
and returned 15 books to the library,
 and picked up another 12.
I'm on a roll!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Share a Cuppa

C'mon by in the early morning
and share a cuppa
or wander by in the evening for 
some red or white.

The majority of labor is complete
and now I can 
putter with posies 
while my two fountains
provide a soothing backdrop.
Here's a first look.
IG folks already had a peek.

The yard is set up so it can 
easily convert to a dining area in the pergola
with additional tables around the perimeter.

First gathering will be the kids 
sometime this month.
Ben is hinting at barbecue.

Howie and I are headed out for breakfast.
Hope your day begins 
as lovely as ours.


Friday, March 31, 2017

Almost landed in OZ

Probably not exciting for you but I'm thrilled to
 have light along the walkway once more.
I had hard wired lighting there for years but the cost 
of the bulbs was ridiculous
so out it came, and solar added instead.
Plywood still down protecting my bricks,
and about 30 minutes ago,
the guys were back finishing up 
footers of the pergola, and setting trellis wire
 and maybe, just maybe, I will be close to the finish line.

When installation is delayed like this
and the budget creates changes,
you have mixed feelings
because you're uncertain what the 
original plan was,
and will this all still work out?
Mostly you just want the damn thing done.

The city had sustained winds 
between 65- 80 mpr last night and it was 
rough going and loud 
and lots of folks had damage.
I lost a couple decorative pieces in the yard, 
but nothing major.
Around 10 pm I looked out to make 
sure I wasn't in the Emerald City.

Happy Weekend 


Sunday, March 26, 2017

Of Course Issues

So of course we ran into some trouble
and some rain, and out of stock plants,
and a late run to the emergency vet for Howie.
The $$$$ washer wasn't enough of a challenge universe?
So you added a 450.00 vet bill?
Howie will be OK, I am grateful,
but jeez quit kicking me when I'm down.
Now another week and a half till completion.
Patience Suzan Patience

But aren't the bricks nice?
The guys were doubtful, 
but ended up loving them.

Howie will be plunking me with his cone,
for at least a week.

I need wine.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Super Son

I thought I heard a soft knock- nope, guess not.
Then text from son saying 
Happy Washing Machine day!
Ben knew I was a little down about having to
buy a new washer last weekend on top of all
the expense of the yard re-do.
I took a pic of new washer and texted it back.
The next text said did you get your package?

I SPRINTED to the door because the last time
he did that, he was standing on the other side of the door.

This time, no Ben, but there was this from Amazon.
2 hour delivery- amazing!

I never splurge on quality ice cream
and NEVER Tide due to cost so, 
what a treat and what a 
Super Son!

I am so bloomin' blessed 
with these kids,
it helps me deal with all the other crapola.

Tomorrow begins the installation of nearly
 40 plants including a couple trees,
and my new brick patio and pergola. 
Many, many issues popped up but
we worked through them all.

It is NOT how they wanted it to be,
nor how I planned it to be,
it IS close to what I wanted, 
and it will do.

I have never had the luxury of just doing
anything exactly as originally planned or wished for.
I always have to start with what is affordable
and I work backwards from there.

( when we last visited)

SO smaller patio,
different design of plants,
fingers double crossed and 
eating ramen next couple months.

Reveal next week, I hope.

Enjoy your spring


Sunday, March 19, 2017

I Put My Bra On

Thought I would Honor 
my Mom's Birthday today by doing this again,
posted 3/19/2013
posted 3/19/2015
so once more with feeling, 
or third time's the charm,
and I still hate bras.

I put my bra on this morning,
so I had every intention of getting a lot of work done.
Doesn't everyone gauge their day by their undergarments?

I suppose I have a weird relationship 
with bras harking back to my first weeks of nursing.
Sending your hesitant but determined husband
 out to a specialty store for the "well developed"
in downtown Vegas, serving the 
uh.."specialty girls",
two days after delivery of your first born is 
challenging and hilarious.

Imagine him standing in the store,
explaining that no "regular"nursing bras I had
purchased pre-birth were even remotely large enough.
With the clerk hollering out directions, 
I have the phone perched in the
crook of my shoulder while measuring beneath, across,
up, down and around to aid the store in selecting the
over the shoulder boulder holder required
to hoist and rein in those babies;
a 44 EEE did the trick...
scaffolding required
prior size 36 B

No one is normally able to write their name
with breast milk, 
in cursive,
on the bathroom mirror, 
at a distance of 3 feet,
are they?
Picture grasping in both hands an unruly garden hose.

...and because some of you have just asked "why?"
He had made some snarky remark about them 
"not being that humongous"
and post birth hormones got the best of me, 
and yes, I did aim just to the left, 
off the mirror,
 for just a second, 
that's a lie..
I got him good...

Back to this morning.
Justice went through her terror cacophony
at around 5:30 so I got up and put on my bra.
Went outside to water the garden,
made some coffee, and started redoing
 some pincushions I had not sold.

Ran the vacuum, did two loads of laundry
and by now the bra straps were bothering
me, so I pulled them through the sleeves
`a la flashdance and let them dangle:
reassessed about 5 minutes later
and pulled the whole damn thing off.

These days spandex is more about
 gravity than girth, lon.gi.tude? no
though a definition of la.ti.tude
(scope for freedom of action) 
seems to fit

no other humans around
why bother?
gravity damage occurred long ago
after 32 months of nursing

Wave free my girls,
to and fro flapping in the wind....
insert mental image of American Flag flying
atop a local Terrible Herbst Station.

throw in the slap slap sound..

happy weekend girlfriends.